Friday, April 10, 2009

A Look Out The Window

This is the time of year when I look out my window, I'm tickled by my garden thoughts. Those creative juices start to wet my brain on what I want to move, split, prune into shape, or simply clean up an area. Fresh new life is already showing it's greenery in the yard .
I can't imagine going through life without getting my hands dirty in the soil. It feels wonderful. People talk about meditation. That is the perfect place for it. Nothing enters your busy brain, except what you are doing in the moment. AHhh life at it's best. Seventeen years of nurturing, and love. It's a beautiful cottage garden with a couple water features, many birds, bugs, butterflies, and a garden snake makes it's appearance.
Well, won't be long , probably this weekend, I'll be in my start the clean-up mode. It's that clean-up mode when I mostly think " What the hell were you thinking when you kept expanding this thing"
I used to just go all day.... now it's in segments, with little breaks. The price of getting older, and a bit heftier. I warn people of my garden season "head down ass up" position in case they drop in unannounced. But I welcome the break I will be able to take.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Confidence and Patience??

I have to tell you this is my very first blog. It has taken some time to build up my own confidence in myself to write this. I set a time table to someone when they asked me when, and I must say by doing that, it lit the fire under my own rump to meet that time. So here goes....
For the first time in almost a decade we have, in my opinion, a president, who I voted for, who I listen to each time he speaks, who I think is very intelligent and progressive, that is HONESTLY trying very hard to make very needed changes in our country, for all Americans. I realize not all Americans want these changes. But it benefits the majority. I squirm in my seat when he is called an idiot, or an elitist. I'm amazed at the nit pick, grandstanding, spinning that goes on in the media, the public's comments on sites. What happened to "We voted this man in, let him do his job"
It amazes me how people elected or none elected shout about the spending, and the debt for future generations, but don't want any changes in health care in this country. Don't they understand that the status quo will contribute to the future debt for our grandchildren. The education issue will also add to the future debt for our grandchildren.
I banter with my 30 yr old son, who much to my dismay is a Glen Beck, Rush follower. We can only e-mail our discussions, never face to face because we argue loudly. Conservative in my growing up days meant frugality, no wasting. But we didn't stick to an idea just because it was the conservative way. There are many gray areas in life and changes to be made according to what presents itself. I think you have to be progressive, and look to the future, and if it means stepping into a new path for the better, for all, or the majority of all of us, then we go down a new road.
The road we have been hiking on certainly took us to a very undesirable location. This president wants to hike on a different road, and I think we should explore this road with him.